Free Martial Arts / Self-Defence Classes

Learning self-defence can not only empower you but it can also be a great way to get fit!

As part of the Erasmus+ project “Rise and Rise Strong Female – Development, Inclusion and Improvement of the Quality of Life of Women”, we are pleased to offer free self-defence classes in the Uxbridge/West London area.

The weekly, free self-defence classes last for one month, courtesy of UMAA – Uxbridge Martial Arts Academy.

What is UMAA?

Principally, UMAA is a community of martial artists who train for constant personal improvement in all of its forms. Although our training consists of elements from various martial arts systems, we do not identify as a system per se, rather we believe in freedom from such confined notions.

As human beings we all have the same weaponry tools, we believe the concept of limiting training to focus on a defined aspect such as the hands, feet, close or long range combat is self-limiting. Hence we are an academy for the diligent study of the martial arts, not a martial art.

Physical training undertaken at UMAA is based on core drills and methodologies which ensure students attain a well-rounded base of speed, strength, stamina, flexibility, conditioning, and overall fitness.

Self-defence Exercises include:
  • Muscle-confusion drills
  • High-intensity aerobics
  • Anaerobic bodyweight exercises
  • Hard body conditioning
  • Full-contact sparring
  • Yoga-based stretching

This combined with the intricate breakdown of martial arts techniques, combination/movement work and self-defence escape strategies build a well-rounded martial artist. Our claims are not self-pronounced but rather paid testament to by the success of our fight team at national level tournaments. UMAA possess both regional and national champions in K1 and Kumite.

Who can participate?
  • Female living in West London / Uxbridge*
  • From a migrant/refugee background
  • NEET

*Compulsory criteria

If you would like to sign up or for more information on what is available in your area, please email:, alternatively, click on the link below!

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