Zoom Media Interview With Shout Out UK + Media Literacy Webinars

In November we caught up with Matteo Bergamini, Founder and CEO of Shout Out UK. Shout Out UK is a multi-award winning education platform and creative social enterprise. Fusing education and tech with film production and animation ensures we create world-class programmes on Media & Political Literacy and high impact Democratic Engagement campaigns.

The discussion focused on youth relating to media/political literacy in 2020 and the work Shout Out UK carries out with young people in the field of news, journalism and political commentary.

Media Literacy Webinars

During the months of October and November 2020, we ran a sequence of webinars for the project Zoom Media. Zoom Media is an Erasmus+ project about media literacy and critical thinking. The partnership includes schools, NGOs, and educational centres from six countries which are the Czech Republic, Turkey, Lithuania, Greece, United Kingdom, and Italy. 

The partnership worked together to increase media literacy among students aged between the ages of 14-18 yrs. 

The project helped students to understand how media influences their perceptions and beliefs, shape popular culture, and impacts personal choices. It encouraged critical thinking, creative problem-solving skills, and for pupils to become more media literate in order to be more active citizens in their country.

The topics covered were:

14th Oct 2020 – Know Your Social Media (Hanta Associates Ltd)

21st Oct 2020 –  Internet and ethics (Rokiskio Suaugusiuju İr Jaunimo Mokymo Centras)

28th Oct 2020 – Your Digital Footprint (Hanta Associates Ltd)

4th Nov 2020 – The role of the media in society (Rokiskio Suaugusiuju İr Jaunimo Mokymo Centras)

11th Nov 2020 – Online Harassment / Bullying (Hanta Associates Ltd)

18th Nov 2020 – New media and social relations (Rokiskio Suaugusiuju İr Jaunimo Mokymo Centras)

Webinar 1

Our first webinar focused on “Social Media” with more than thirty participants in attendance. The webinar highlighted the importance of understanding the social media platforms used to project the media messages received by the public on a daily basis. The workshop helped participants to have a better understanding of what social media was, identifying the most popular platforms, and their total number of monthly active users.

Webinar 3

Our third webinar was on the topic of “Digital Footprints” again with more than thirty participants in attendance. After the webinar, they had a better understanding of what was a digital footprint, the various types and last but not least, they learnt how to clean up and protect their own digital footprints.

Webinar 5

Our fifth webinar focused on “Online Harassment and Bullying” which was a quite sensitive topic today. We highlighted that unfortunately, many people are bullied online and do not know what to do about it. After the webinar, the participants became more aware of what is online harassment and bullying, types of online bullying, and the statistics. Furthermore and most importantly, they found out ways of how to take action if they were being bullied or harassed.

The webinars were a success and received great feedback from the participants who attended.

For those who missed the webinars, you can find the links below to the materials used for each session. The are free to download and use in class, in youth centres or at home.

We would like to thank again the people who were with us on our five weeks journey and appreciate your interest in our project. We hope you enjoy it too like the people who were there.

Links and information

You can download the resources for the webinars here:

Webinar 1: Download

Webinar 2: Download

Webinar 3: Download

For more information or to view some of the project activities you can visit the official project website (www.zoommedia.info).