Approved Erasmus+ Project – Shape your future

We are proud to announce that the Erasmus+ Project “Shape Your Future” has been approved! 

We are very excited to be a partner on this project, coordinated by Youth Vision Association, a member of the implementation team of the “Constanta – Romanian Youth Capital 2021-2022”.  “Shape Your Future” is focussed on giving young people from disadvantaged backgrounds a chance at education and social inclusion. It is a project of interest for young people aged between 14 and 35 who are looking for work or learning opportunities.  “Shape Your Future” is a 2 year project developed in partnership with youth organisations from Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Poland and Romania, with a budget of 250,000 Euros and is financed from European funds, through the Erasmus Plus programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships. 


The “Shape Your Future” project was developed by identifying the needs and opportunities of young people on the labour market. There is a common need to create a space for young people and youth workers where they can find opportunities for professional and personal development. The objectives of the project are aimed at the social inclusion of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, integration into the labour market, facilitating access to educational and innovation programs and developing entrepreneurial skills.

Young people from 5 communities answered a questionnaire related to the need for integration into the labour market and opportunities for personal and professional development. The research found that it is necessary to create tools and workspaces online, where they can experience different programs to bring together stakeholders from different fields and sectors (public, private and civil society). Taking into account these needs, the “Shape Your Future” project will create the necessary tools to enable young people to develop their social, entrepreneurial and professional skills in the labour market, and make these tools available to young people from the 5 countries.  

Among the tools developed during the project will be an online platform, dedicated to young people looking for a job or learning opportunities, This will create an environment that brings together employers, NGOs, institutions and local authorities. An application will also be developed, through which young people can receive real-time information about existing opportunities on the labour market, materials will be uploaded and there will be a discussion forum. A handbook will be created for non-formal education related to social inclusion and entrepreneurial skills, which will contain data collected from at least 20 organisations dealing with young people. There will also be training courses and job shadowing internships, exchanges of experience and events to promote the project results in the partner communities.

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