Approved Erasmus+ project Zoom Media

Approved Erasmus+ Project Zoom Media

We are proud to announce that the project “Zoom Media” has been approved!

The project is coordinated GENESIS ZS (Czechia) with partners from the Greece, Lithuania, UK, Italy and Turkey.


The aim of this partnership is to increase awareness of the many forms of media messages encountered in the everyday lives of the target group (students 14 – 18).

The project will help students to recognise how media influences their perceptions and beliefs, shapes popular culture and impacts on personal choices. It will encourage critical thinking, creative problem-solving skills and for pupils to become more active citizens in their country.

Social Entrepreneurship Erasmus HAWP

Project outcomes include:

  • A media literacy educational tool
  • “ZOOM MEDIA” lesson plans on media literacy education
  • A booklet “Media Literacy Education in Europe”

During the projects’ life-cycle participants will meet people from local media outlets, create interviews, prepare presentations about their countries’ media literacy education, learn how to debate, make eMagazines, news, photo- video editing. They will become journalists , reseachers, writers, analysts, photographers and video makers.

The implementation period of the entire project is 24 months.