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“Shape Your Future” Report – The Pandemic Impact On Youth Work

Youth work is one of the many sectors that has been hugely affected by the pandemic. Local organisations had to adapt quickly to keep connecting with young people and encouraging their engagement online.

Now looking back after one year and a half, what are the effects and the results of the pandemic on youth work? How can youth organisations move forwards?

We answered these questions during our roundtable sessions and we are proud to present the final report as part of the Erasmus+ Project Shape Your Future!

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The Project

“Shape Your Future” is a 2 year Erasmus+ project targeting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. It focuses on their integration into the labour market and the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills. The project includes the development of digital platforms and resources to increase employability and upskill the two target groups. A handbook with non-formal education methods for youth workers will also be created. As part of the project, partners will also organise activities, training courses and job shadowing opportunities across Europe.

Report of the pandemic impact on youth work

The final report has been created in collaboration with organisations from Romania, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Poland.

Report Pandemic Impact on Youth Work

It contains data and information about the problems encountered by youth workers during the pandemic and the interesting solutions they found. It also provides statistics about young people’s employment needs in terms of skills and training in the partner countries.

So do you want to know about youth workers’ challenges and new ideas related to young people’s online engagement during the pandemic in Europe? Download here our free Shape Your Future – Report of the pandemic impact on youth work!

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