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Employability Skills Resources | Shape your Future

As part of the Erasmus+ Project Shape your future, we have been creating some Employability Skills resources! These include a guidebook, a brochure and a video tutorial.

We worked with representatives from youth organisations in Portugal, Spain, Romania, Poland and Ireland to create these resources, making them comprehensive and useful for young people across Europe!

The aim of these resources is to develop communication and interview skills in young people. The resources are FREE to use and download!


The guidebook is an extensive guide to communication and interview skills. It is in a clear, easy to read format and will prepare you for how to use effective communication in the work place and in an interview!

Download the Guidebook: Shape Your Future – Effective Communications Skills Guidebook

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This is an easy to read, visually stimulating quick guide to effective communication in your first interview!

Check it out: SYF Jobshadowing Dublin interview skills brochure


In  this video created by participants of the Shape your future Project’s Erasmus+ Job Shadowing Mobility in Dublin, we  show you what you should and shouldn’t do in an interview!
This resource can be used for teaching employability and interview techniques. There are two interview scenarios – an office job and a customer service job with examples of a bad interview and a good interview!
We hope you find the videos useful and have as much fun watching them as we did making them!