“Noticed Your Voice” by New Narrative for Europe

Young people from every corner of the world are the ones that can help us create better surroundings. They represent a part of the population which is the most creative, but often underappreciated.

The European organisation called The New Narrative for Europe is aware of young people and their great ideas. They are giving youth space to show their opinions, as well as proposals for change. For now, the organisation is focusing solely on Europe, as indicated by the name.

They are focusing on these topics:

  • Becoming united in diversity
  • Employment and education
  • Freedom of movement
  • The changing climate

If you have any original ideas on how to change or contribute in these areas, please visit their website for more information.

“Your voice will be noticed and heard by the people that can make a difference at a European level.”
(New Narrative for Europe)

Written by
HAWP Project Marketing Team