Erasmus+ Shape Your Future – TPM3 Spain

We recently met our partners at the 3rd TPM in Salamanca for the Erasmus+ Project Shape Your Future!

The Transnational Project Meeting was hosted by our Spanish partner on the 23rd and 24th of August 2022.

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The project

Shape Your Future aims at the social inclusion of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their integration into the labour market. The project also targets youth workers and responds to the challenges of working online with youth. The platform, application and handbook will help young people find existing opportunities in the labour market and develop entrepreneurial skills.

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The meeting

On the first day of the Erasmus Shape Your Future TPM, we discussed the first version of our booklet (IO3) on non-formal learning methods, which will be available shortly! Each partner gave feedback on the booklet to assure the quality of content and presentation. We identified the target user of the booklet and discussed how each partner could optimise its use on the local level. Finally, we shared ideas on opportunities we could offer young people on the SYF platform.

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On the second day, we decided how to promote the SYF app (available shortly!) as well as the SYF platform. A uniform dissemination plan will help us reach as many people as possible. We also discussed the app (IO2), its content and its relation to the platform. Finally, we planned the online youth exchange that will happen this autumn! The exchange will enable young people to meet online with their peers from all over Europe, as well as to improve their skills in the fields of employability, entrepreneurship, and digital literacy! To take part, visit our HESL FB page!

syf tpm 3 spain

Free digital resources

We have created a handful of resources for both young people as well as youth workers!

The resources for young people will improve their employability skills, as well as help them find volunteering/job opportunities near them. To access these resources and apply for opportunities, please click here! You can also create a free account and insert your CV!

syf platform

The booklet for youth workers and schools will help them deliver training sessions and courses on employability, entrepreneurship and digital literacy. The resource includes non-formal learning activities that can be implemented either online or in person. The booklet will be available for free to download on the SYF Platform!

As a part of the project, we also developed an app for young people, where they can receive notifications for new opportunities in their area and partner countries. The app will be available soon, so visit the SYF FB page and our HESL FB page for any updates!