Erasmus+ Job Shadowing Mobility SYF Dublin

Erasmus+ “Shape Your Future” 2nd Job Shadowing Mobility in Ireland

We hosted an exciting and productive Erasmus+ Job Shadowing mobility in Ireland as part of the Shape Your Future Project last month!

Our partners from Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain joined us in Dublin from the 16th to the 25th August. We shared good practices and created helpful materials on employability skills for the project that are available for free!


Job Shadowing activities with Ballyfermot Youth Service

Outreach activity with Ballyfermot

Ballyfermot Youth Service is a well-established Irish NGO working in Dublin with young people from disadvantaged background, and we partnered with them to deliver some engaging activities!

We visited their youth and sport centre, where they explained their impact on local young people and the neighborhood. We also took part in their outreach activity and we gained new perspectives and practices to engage and interact with the target group!

Outreach activity with Ballyfermot Youth ServiceJob Shadowing Outreach Activity


We delivered three interactive workshops for the participants about employability! 

The first one focused on finding your transferable skills to succeed in job interviews. 

The second one provided insightful materials to understand your own working style and consequently improve your results and relationships at the job place.

The third workshop was run by Ballyfermot Youth Service and taught us what mentoring young people is and what challenges mentors face.

We learned a lot during these workshops and we will make the materials available for youth workers and young people on the SYF online platform!


Development of project materials

As part of the project, we created two main resources on employability skills: a guidebook and interview simulations videos!

The online guidebook includes a theoretical part about communication skills and practical advice for each job interview steps: preparation, attendance, answers to common questions and follow-up! You can download it for free here!

SYF Guidebook Employability Skills SYF Guidebook Employability Skills

The 2 video tutorials show two bad and two good interview simulations that put into practice the tips explained in the guidebook! You can watch them all on our HESL FB page !

Video Tutorial 1

Video Tutorial 2

These materials are very comprehensive and based on young people’s needs analysis, so make sure to check them out on the SYF project platform and SYF FB page!

We also created a visual brochure and it is available for you on our HESL FB page!

Erasmus+ Excursion and Group activities

But what is Erasmus without culture and fun!? Kayaking

That is why we organised some group activities that helped us bond and share some amazing country specific traditions!

Thanks to Ballyfermot Youth Service we had an amazing day kayaking on the Grand Canal in Dublin! The training is part of the centre’s activities for young people and we got the chance to try our balance skills and the cool Irish water!

We also visited Dublin and took a cultural walking tour with the author and historian Liz Gillis. She narrated the Irish revolution around the city and she portrayed the role of brave women during the war! One word: inspirational!

Last but not least, we shared cultural traditions and music during the cultural night!

Each group brought some food from their country and we danced together to some iconic songs! 

Cultural night

Thanks to all the participants for their good energy and to Ballyfermot Youth Service for their amazing work! Even in these crazy times, we spent 10 amazing days together and we developed some helpful materials to keep the project moving forward!

What’s next?

After the first and second Erasmus+ Job Shadowing Mobility in Lisbon and in Dublin, it’s Salamanca’s turn now!

So, do you also want to be part of a great experience like this and create resources for young people? Check out our HESL FB page and website for this and other project opportunities! 

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