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We Are At Work Too | LTTA in Maribor, Slovenia

From the 8th-12th November 2021, we spent a wonderful 5 days in Slovenia, on the Learning Teaching Training Activity for We Are At Work Too, an Erasmus+ Project dedicated to children with intellectual disabilities, their families and educators. The main goal of the project is to study the relationship amongst families, students, educators, and employers in order to offer them digital and innovative tools to guarantee children with intellectual disabilities greater autonomy and personal success.

On the first day we were given an introduction to the project and received training on the family education programme, which was developed as an intellectual output for this project. 

ltta activity we are at work too

On day two, we continued this family education training and heard from a guest speaker about a vocational college in Slovenia.

On day three, HAWP project delivered a training session on the modules developed for Vocational Education programmes. In this course we discussed the 5 training modules, explaining different aspects of hospitality work, for those with mild intellectual disabilities. These modules go into in-depth detail, so the target group can develop their skills for working in the hospitality industry.

These modules include:

Module 1: Personal Care

Module 2: Hospitality and customer service

Module 3: Food Hygiene

Module 4: Social Skills

Module 5: New Technologies in catering and hospitality

IO3 Supportive Modules


On the fourth day, we received training from ZTP about the 4th intellectual output. We also had a presentation from Tamara Gonaj, who presented the school she is president of, a special education school for children with medium-severe disabilities. We learned about the education system for those with disabilities in Slovenia. 

On the final day we had a cultural tour of the city, including the 2.5km of wine cellars that are built underneath the town centre. 

All in all, the LTTA was a huge success, we are incredibly thankful to our Slovenian partners for hosting us, and look forward to implementing what we have learned from the training into the next stages of the project!