Portugal Job Shadowing

Erasmus+ Mobility – “Shape Your Future” Job Shadowing in Portugal

What a great 10 day mobility we had in Lisbon for our Erasmus+ Project Shape Your FutureThe 1st Job Shadowing Activity was hosted by our Portuguese partner from the 8th to the 17th May. Participants from partner organisations gathered together and developed some useful materials to upskill young people and increase employability!

Human Righta Workshop - Job Shadowing Portugal

Europe Day – 9th May

The Job Shadowing kicked-off with a full-day workshop on human rights and hate speech to celebrate Europe Day on the 9th May, during which we learned that freedom of speech is a restrictable human right that can be limited to prevent hate speech.
But what is hate speech? Are we able to recognise it? How do we react to it? During our lively debate, we exchanged interesting ideas on the topic and looked at different examples of hate speech in political speeches, tweets and newspaper articles.

SYF Materials - Job Shadowing Portugal

Missing Skills and Skill Mismatching

The second main activity focused on the differences between missing skills and skills mismatching. We agreed that young people need more possibilities to experience different job roles to solve the problem of overeducation. This will help new generations to be more prepared to enter the job market and choose their career without bias.

Shape Your Future Materials

The main purpose of this first Erasmus+ mobility was to create two materials based on non-formal education methods to increase young people’s employability. The first resource aims at improving personal skills, whereas the second introduces young people to entrepreneurship. Both materials will be available for free, so make sure to check our website and the Shape Your Future Facebook page to receive any updates!

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Thanks to our Portuguese partner who hosted us in Lisbon! Check their Facebook Page and website to see what other interesting projects they run!

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