Coursera – The Pioneer in Online Learning

Do you ever wonder how you can gain new knowledge and move ahead in your profession? Your answer just might be found in this online learning platform called Coursera. Through Coursera, some of the world’s best universities offer various courses on anything from Music to Engineering.  If you pass your course, you will receive a certificate, which can be pinned to your LinkedIn profile.

So why not use this platform to further your career goals? In this article, we discuss some of the courses we have undertaken, our experience, and some of our picks for the best courses on the site.


Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies (Universita Bocconi)

“When I found out about Coursera and the beauty of online learning at famous and well-known universities, I took my chance immediately. As every woman, I am interested in fashion. I thought, “why not improve my knowledge about fashion management?” I have started the course without knowing anything about it. The course lasted six weeks, full of videos university professors explaining the basics of the various brands, their strategy and values.” – Petra

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Introduction to Psychology (University of Toronto)

“Psychology is all around us. We can use it for dealing with difficult situations. This course took 12 weeks. Every week, we had 8 videos, each of them lasting around 20 minutes. The course started with explaining what the brain is and how it works. After a couple of weeks, there was a quiz which we had to score at least 80% to pass. After passing the brain’s functions, we smoothly moved onto the beginnings of psychology and the various directions of it. In the last couple of weeks, we analysed psychological diseases and their symptoms. The course finished with a quiz and an assignment. The goal of the assignment was to analyse any social situation that had happened recently by using the knowledge we had gained. I’m very happy with the course – it taught me how to apply psychology to real life situations.” – Julius

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Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship (University of Maryland, College Park)

“This exciting course dealt with innovative thinking and opportunity analysis. It lasted five weeks in which I learned about the entrepreneurial mindset, strategic decision-making and building innovative business models. After every week, I had to take a quiz, with 80% being the passing mark. At the end of the course, I received a certificate from the University of Maryland, College Park. I’m very happy that in five weeks I learnt a lot about the steps to starting a new business.” – Petra

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Songwriting (Berklee College of Music)

“On Coursera you can find various courses for leisure time, not necessarily for just professional advancement. The course on Songwriting was a fantastic way to gain insider knowledge about one of my greatest hobbies – music. During this six week course, I learned about various songwriting techniques, all of them leading into the concept of prosody. It was interesting to later find out that the same concepts of songwriting often apply to the songs we hear on the radio. After every week there were not only quizzes but songwriting assignments as well, all graded by fellow course-mates through a so-called peer-review. At the end of the course, the final project was writing a full song using the various techniques taught during the course. Finally, I received a certificate from the Berklee College of Music which was a greatly rewarding feeling as I had learned how one of my greatest interests, music, works from the inside.”

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As you can see, Coursera has many interesting and useful courses which can help you gain knowledge either for your career or hobby. We took a look to discover which courses were popular last year.  

  1. Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects (University of California, San Diego)
  2. Machine Learning (University of Washington)
  3. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) (University of Michigan)
  4. R Programming (Johns Hopkins University)
  5. Speak English Professionally: In Person, Online & On the Phone (Georgia Institute of Technology)


We hope Coursera helps you keep learning and moving forward in your career.

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