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We Are At Work Too – Free Resources for SEN teachers!

On Monday the 17th January 2022, we hosted an online session to promote the FREE SEN resources created as part of the Erasmus+ Project ‘We Are At Work Too’.

We shared what we learned on the training course in Maribor, Slovenia.

The Project

‘We Are At Work Too’ is dedicated to children with intellectual disabilities, their families, and educators

This project studied the relationship between families, students, educators, and employers. The aims are to offer digital and innovative tools to guarantee children with intellectual disabilities greater autonomy and personal success.


The Session

On 17th Jan 2022, we held an online activity to present the project, the intellectual outputs and to gather feedback on the resources created.

The attendees were made up of teachers working in a range of SEN (Special Educational Needs) schools from all over the UK.


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The Resources

There were 4 research and training modules developed as part of this project. 

IO1 – Research


The aims of this module were to identify the needs of families and teachers regarding special education vocational training in different countries. This research was used as a basis for the following three modules. 

Download Module 1 Here!

IO2 – Family Education Programme

We observed that children with disabilities’ learning capacity and self-esteem increase with their parent’s participation in their education programs. Therefore, the aims of this module are to educate parents of children with disabilities.

Download Module 2 Here!

IO3 – Supportive Modules for Vocational Educational Training

Download Module 3 here!

This module aims to provide the students with useful competencies in order to widen their employment prospects and strengthen their professional success.

Download Module 3 Here!

IO4 – Implementation Guide for Teachers and Trainers

This module is a summary of the resources, in a more digestible format and includes activities for trainers to use when teaching the modules.

This includes the purpose, statistics, results, and the evaluation report of the research with advice on how to use the Family Education Programme and the Supporting Vocational Education Modules

Download Module 4 Here!

All the resources that were presented in the session are accessible on the We Are At Work Too website, FREE to download.

You can also access all the resources and teaching materials on our online platform.

For all updates on the project, check out our facebook page!