Get Ready for the Future – International Project (Erasmus/Youth in Action program)


Get ready for the future was a 9 day training course held in Dilbeek, near Brussels which took place at the end of May 2016. Its aim has been to provide the participants with an overview of the new Erasmus+ programme. The TC has focused on explaining mainly the YE (youth exchanges) and TC (training courses) which have been comprised until 2014 in the former Youth in Action programme.

One of the expected results of this event is the writing and developing of new project proposals which should be submitted before the upcoming deadlines of the Erasmus+ programme. The participants were mainly youth workers or professionals working in the youth field. The event gathered participants from other 6 EU countries and Turkey, making the stay in Dilbeek both culturally diverse and challenging.


During their stay in Belgium, the participants discussed topics such as leadership or youth worker, reflected on working methods and learned more about the Erasmus+ programme and what type of projects are eligible for funding. Several tailored workshops were made available by the trainers to answer the participants’ questions. These were linked to budgeting, conflict management or project management.

Such international training events are meant to enhance collaboration between EU organizations active in this field. It is also meant to promote cultural diversity within the EU and discuss current issues EU countries are facing. As a result of the 9 days TC in Dilbeek, several project proposals were put forward. The refugees’ crises, environmental issues, bullying in schools, young offenders and human rights have been the main issues addressed by these new project ideas.

HAWP Project will be the applicant organisation for the Young Offenders project and has already shown its interest in contributing to the Bullying in schools project. We are currently working on developing the project idea on Youth offenders we came with from Belgium and we will keep you informed regarding the progress of this project.