Erasmus + Zoom media LTTA in Italy

On the 1st May 2022, young people met in Italy as part of the Erasmus + Zoom media LTTA! Participants from Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Turkey and the UK took part in the final 5-day mobility hosted by our Italian partner in Vieste!

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The project

Zoom Media” is an Erasmus+ project focused on increasing people’s awareness of media messages encountered in their everyday lives. The project helped students recognize how media influences their perceptions and beliefs, shapes popular culture and impacts personal choices. It encouraged critical thinking, creative problem-solving skills and for pupils to become more active citizens in their country.

The mobility

On the 1st day, participants took part in a welcome ceremony, a school tour and a media literacy survey and workshop with Italian students. In the afternoon, they visited the city of Vieste and met again in the evening for the welcome dinner! 

Zoom media LTTA Italy

Days 2 and 3 focused on cultural activities! Participants went on a boat trip to famous local caves, visited a local TV station and did an excursion exploring the Foresta Umbra and Monte Sant’Angelo.

Zoom media LTTA Italy

On the 4th day, they participated in a workshop on video editing and they visited a local ITC school. 

On the last day, the group visited an archaeological site and a local oil mill! The mobility ended with a certificate ceremony and a farewell dinner.

Overall the trip was successful! Participants enjoyed the experience, learned new skills and got the chance to meet their European peers!

zoom media LTTA Italy

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