A Day in The Life of a Fashion Intern

Tatjana is a Marketing intern from a small town called Virovitica in Croatia. She came to London to apply the theoretical knowledge she has attained at university, as well as gain some practical skills in Marketing and Social Media Management.

Tatjana who is placed with Strip Clothings, a sportswear and casual clothing brand based in the trendy East London town of Dalston.

Petra, our Marketing Assistant interviewed Tatjana to gain some insights into her day to day life as an intern in London and to find more about her experience thus far.

Petra: How has your first week been, Tatjana?

Tatjana: It is going well. I am still getting used to all the new things, I got a lot of information, which I’m still getting used to. This job is very interesting to me, and  I can’t wait to learn more — I came here to learn, after all.

Petra: What are you working on now?

Tatjana: I am currently working on Social Media. Every day, I publish a new tweet: I search for popular hashtags to know what is going on now – every day there is another popular hashtag. For example, today is “Get to Know Your Customer’s Day” so I published some photos and quotes.  Also, I am working on my Marketing Calendar. I am updating the old calendar by replacing old events with the new ones. I have also added the major English and International events. For example, I added the Super Bow, which is not a significant event in England, but it’s very important.  I also created posts on the Football Cup and London Fashion Week. 

Petra: Do you like what you are doing during this internship?

Tatjana: Yes, I do like what I am doing, but it’s a lot of new information for me, and I am still getting used to all the new things. But it is interesting to me and I came here to learn.

Petra: Do you think it is useful for you?

Tatjana: Yes, I do. I think it is more useful than the theoretical knowledge I gained in Croatia.

Petra: Thank you for the interview. We hope you have a great experience.

Tatjana will take part in this placement until early April. So far, she is doing a great job not only learning but also contributing to the company as well.

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Written by Julius M.