2nd Intergenerational Training Course – First Aid

The second Erasmus+ intergenerational training session for the project Rise & Rise Strong Female took place on the 12th August 2019, in conjunction with the British Red Cross and Futureversity Youth Centre, Greenwich.

The session was on the topic of First Aid and learning essential life-saving skills.

The participants (teenagers/young women), were taught by professionally trained first aid instructors who went through a range of life-saving techniques, such as, CPR and the recovery positions.

The participants watched videos and used sophisticated CPR dummies. They also discussed how they felt little people knew about first aid and about issues affecting their local area, like knife crime.

The group felt that the information provided in the sessions were easy to absorb and well presented and particularly enjoyed the teamwork and social aspect of the training.

They enjoyed learning how to take care of other people and some described the session as “so engaging, also life changing”. A majority felt they made new friends and were more encouraged to participate in future activities.

Through the knowledge obtained, the participants felt they had more skills now than they did, before the course.

A big thank you to associated partners in this activity, The Red Cross and Futureversity and look forward to future sessions.

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