Top 10 Jobs for 2017

Choosing a career is not an easy task. There are so many possibilities, it can often be overwhelming. We are here to help! Glassdoor has put together a list of the best jobs for 2017, and we will break it down for you. Even though you should always choose your career based on what you’re passionate about, but knowing the outlook of your chosen career or industry could be a great insight.

Glassdoor determined the best careers for 2017 and gave them ratings based on three factors: earning potential (median annual base salary), overall job satisfaction rating, and the number of job openings. Here are the top 10 careers for 2017:

  1. Finance Manager (Job Score – 4.5/5)
  2. Tax Manager (Job Score – 4.4/5)
  3. Design Manager (Job Score – 4.4/5)
  4. Audit Manager (Job Score – 4.4/5)
  5. HR Manager (Job Score – 4.4/5)
  6. Data Scientist (Job Score – 4.4/5)
  7. Supply Chain Manager (Job Score – 4.3/5)
  8. Solutions Architect (Job Score – 4.3/5)
  9. Scrum Manager (Job Score – 4.3/5)
  10. Communications Manager (Job Score – 4.3/5)

To view the full breakdown of the Glassdoor’s best jobs for 2017, please visit:

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Written by Julius M.

HAWP Project Marketing Team