Erasmus+ Youth Mobility – “Spectator Or An Actor?” Project

We hosted the first Erasmus+ Youth Mobility for the project “Spectator or an Actor?” from the 24th to 30th January 2020! Participants from the UK, Greece, Malta, Turkey and Italy came together for this 5-day LTTA that took place in London!    

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The project

“Spectator or An Actor?” is an Erasmus+ project focused on tackling the topic of digital media while promoting a larger sense of understanding and solidarity among countries specifically surrounding migrants and refugees.

This project aims at a more inclusive society without xenophobia, racism and radicalization through promoting intercultural understanding, enhancing critical thinking and media literacy among young people, foster active youth participation, improving civic participation of young refugees and show the impacts of youth work and Erasmus+ in tackling these issues.


The mobility

On day one participants took part in a training session about digital storytelling! They learned about existing online tools and took part in a practical workshop on creating educational digital storytelling scenarios. In the evening, they all reunited for a welcome dinner. 

On day two, participants attended an interesting workshop, where they created a photo story about migration in London, and on the third day they had the chance to see and visit London famous landmarks! 


On day four, participants took part in a training session where they learned how to identify the target audience for their digital stories and develop storyboards. In the afternoon, they attended a conference about “The Making of Migration – The biopolitics of mobility at Europe’s borders”, a recently published book in line with the project’s topic!


The fifth and final day focused on means of communication, including the press, radio, TV, social networks and much more! The mobility ended with a certificate ceremony, a visit to “Camden Market” and a farewell dinner!

We are proud of the success of our LTTA! All partners have contributed to the delivery of the sessions and the activities were very productive! They left the participants with great memories and a feeling of European solidarity! 


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