DISARTISAN – Disability Good Practice Booklet

The life of people with disabilities needs the support of legislation and good community practice to adapt to daily situations successfully. 

But the road to inclusion starts before that. The first milestone is indeed common awareness of disability rights and possibilities in our local community and abroad.

This is the reason why we are eager to present the DISARTISAN Disability Good Practice Booklet!

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DISARTISAN is a two year Erasmus+ Project focused on helping people with mild intellectual disabilities to have access to entrepreneurial learning and integrate them into social life.

The project includes the manufacture of handcrafted products by participants with special needs, developing fine motor, drawing, graphics, painting skills and hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, it aims at inserting them into the labour market through sales and e-commerce.

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The Good Practice Booklet has been created as part of the DISARTISAN project in collaboration with organisations from Italy, UK, Turkey and Romania. 

Erasmus+ Good Practice Booklet Hanta Associates Ltd

It provides statistics, information about existing economical benefits and an overview of disability laws on employment and education rights

It also promotes some initiatives and opportunities for the social and economic life adaptation of people with disabilities in the four countries mentioned above.

So do you want to know more about disability opportunities and good practices in Europe? Download our DISARTISAN Good Practice Booklet for free!

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