Animation, Illustration & Design Internship in London – An Intern’s Story

In May, we welcomed Pablo, a student from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Southern Spain). Pablo began his internship in London with a Graphic Design and Animation firm, Grizzle Animations, located in the popular creative capital of London, Shoreditch.

Although Pablo was a very skilful illustrator, the animation was something new for him and he quickly rose to the challenge.  In his first week, he worked on projects editing designs for some well-known brands, which for him, was not expected but well received.

In his spare time, Pablo created many drawings and was pursuing his dream of working in the Comic book industry, making contacts with some comic book producers here in the UK.

Pablo went on to work with a graphic design firm, where he gained further professional knowledge in the creative world, helping to maximise his overall experience.

One of Pablo’s goals was to improve his English and to also gain real-life work experience while getting to opportunity to explore the city and attend his favourite event, Comic Con – London.

We hope he achieved this and wish Pablo all the best in the future.

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