How to Start Your Internship Successfully

Doing an internship is an essential way to get ahead in our economy and competitive labour market. Getting accepted by a respectable company to do an internship is only the first step. It is performing to the best extent at the internship is what really makes the difference in your career.

To help you do your best at the workplace, we have put together a list of helpful tips on how to prepare for your internship.


Prepare by Reading Literature about Your Field


It is always a good idea to get more knowledgeable about your field. You can do that by reading updated literature and trade magazines about your job beforehand. When you apply your knowledge to practice, you will become a natural at your work, and going an extra mile will give your employer the most positive impression of you.

Spend Time Reviewing Your Company’s Website

Reviewing your company’s website can give you a great view of what your future working environment will be like. Looking up your company’s LinkedIn page could also be a good idea as you will learn about who you will be working with, who your supervisors will be, and what the tasks of your internship might entail.

Take Lots of Notes

Get ready to do a lot of writing. Taking notes will not only help you to memorise what you need to learn better, but also show your employer that you are taking your work and the learning process seriously. Be sure to review your notes often so it is easier for you to memorise what you need to know. Also, make to-do

lists – it is easy to get lost in your responsibilities, but making lists will help you stay organised.

Find a Good Mentor

Try to find an internship mentor at your company. You will not only learn about your work quicker, but you will also integrate into your company better. When you have someone to guide you through your workplace and its specifics, you will learn more about your office politics and traditions.

It is worth putting in the effort in preparing for your internship. If you do so, you will have a great start to it, and set yourself up for success during the whole placement.

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Written by Julius M.

HAWP Project Marketing Team