Erasmus+ Activity | “Wholesome Living Substance Misuse Is A Self Abuse” – Poland Nov 2019

“Wholesome Living Substance Misuse Is A Self Abuse” is an Erasmus+ project focused on tackling the topic of substance misuse while promoting healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle among students and their families.

In November 2019, project partners from the UK, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Greece, and Romania met in Zakopane Poland for the 2nd LTTA.

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Day 1

The group started the morning with some games to help get know each other (Ice Breakers). Following this, the Polish team did a presentation on Poland, their hometown and their association.

The presentation includes information about drug use, type of drugs and the average ages of drugs users.

Day 2

The group visited Zakopane, known worldwide for their famous ski competitions. They went up the Chair Lifts and saw some amazing views.

The next stop was Zakopane city centre where the group explored the city and enjoyed some Polish cuisine.

The evening was spent playing games and sports.

Day 3

In the morning, there were further presentations, going through the lesson plans created for the project. Following this, the group took part in activities focused on discussing the reasons why people took drugs in partner countries.

The evening was spent at the Goracy Potok Hot Springs where the participants experienced the benefits of the thermal waters.

Day 4

The day started with a trip to the city of Krakow. The group visited the old town, stopping first at the St. Mary’s Basilica, built in the 14th century and known for its Polish Gothic architecture. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The next stop was the Wawel Castle before finishing off at the Vistula River to view the famous Dragon of Wawel (Smok Wawelski).

In the evening we had an intercultural night, where it was possible to try some traditional delicacies from the different countries and also we played some games and learned traditional dances.

Day 5

The final day and the team leaders met to arrange the final LTTA and project activities.

Following this, the group went for the last time to Zakopane to visit the other side of the mountains. They took a train to the peak to see the view one last time.

Big thank you to our hosts. Next Learning, Teaching and Training Activity, March 2020 Italy.

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